Polyphasic sleep log

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Date Sleep Comment
start end duration
2005-04-21 Thursday 01:50+5 07:50 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by radio.
13:00+20 13:35 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by external disturbance.
sleep Hardly slept lunchtime.
18:30+20 19:05 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
sleep Felt tired before, but didn't sleep easily.
wake Woken by watch alarm. Very sluggish and reluctant to do anything at first but soon felt fine.
21:20+30 wake
2005-04-22 Friday 02:54 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Feeling alert.
06:20+30 06:55 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by external disturbance.
sleep Interrupted by washing machine beeping. Switched it off then easily returned to sleep.
06:56+1 07:50 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by radio. Woke fairly easily.
12:35+30 13:10 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
sleep Feeling comfortably tired.
18:00+5 18:22 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
sleep Not sure if I slept properly
wake Feel quite alert. Perhaps eyes are still a little tired.
21:25+35 23:50 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
sleep Very hard to stay awake. Decide to have nap a bit earlier than the plan. Really ready for nap.
2005-04-23 Saturday 04:35+2 05:05 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Very groggy.
dream My first dream! I was leaving a building (my old school, I think) and Mel mistook me for James.
wake Alarm 5 mins later got me to switch on the light and type up notes. Grogginess passed quickly and I feel clear-headed, but I an aware that my eyes are tired.
08:35+0 09:00 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
13:00+5 13:35 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Refreshed. Very alert.
17:55+5 18:30 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm. Still feeling fine.
22:05+20 22:45 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
sleep Took a while to sleep.
wake Feel surprisingly refreshed afterwards.
sleep Feeling tired with a little bit of pre-headache pressure.
2005-04-24 Sunday 0:48+0 5:20 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Slept through alarm at 1:20. Woke naturally. Initially felt terrible, but was alert and comfortable within minutes.
sleep Feel ready for nap.
8:35+12 9:10 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm. Was already semi-awake when alarm sounded. Felt very groggy, but it passed as soon as I got up.
12:05+22 12:27 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] sleep Didn't sleep at all.
17:35+30 18:15 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] sleep Hardly slept.
23:10+20 23:40 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
2005-04-25 Monday 01:55+10 sleep I must have woken up and turned off alarm set for 02:55 but I don't remember doing it!
05:45 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Felt very tired and hard to open eyes.
08:02+1 08:20 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Feeling refreshed.
13:02+1 13:40 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Woke easily before alarm set for 13:45.
19:10+5 19:30 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by external disturbance. Laptop battery flat alarm.
19:30+ 19:55 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
22:25+15 sleep Over-tired and hard to get to sleep.
wake Woke at 23:15 alarm but felt very tired.
note Lack of motivation to get up.
2005-04-26 Tuesday 04:50 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Feeling good with lots of things to do.
07:55+ 08:21 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
12:45+ 13:09 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
18:05+15 18:40 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
22:05+25 sleep Very tired, but can't sleep.
22:30 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
sleep Decide to try a couple of slightly longer sleeps to see if that helps me catch up.
23:00+ sleep
2005-04-27 Wednesday 00:50 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
04:25+ 05:00 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm. I think I was ready to wake anyway as I woke immediately fresh with the alarm.
06:45+ 07:23 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Felt extremely groggy despite waking naturally. Took another 15 minutes to properly come to.
13:15+ 13:39 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Refreshed.
18:30+ 19:15 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm. Quickly awake.
22:10+ wake
2005-04-28 Thursday 03:30 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Stupid alarm clock design means it didn't go off at 22:50. I really need to find an alternative!
07:35+ 08:10 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
13:10+20 13:45 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm. Light sleep, but quite refreshing.
18:30+ 19:05 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
22:00+ 22:45 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm. Very hard to stay awake.
02:42+ 07:42 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
13:08+5 13:43 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally. Best nap yet. Slept easily, woke refreshed, naturally on-time.
18:00+ 18:45 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.
2005-04-29 Friday 01:45+ 07:15 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
12:50+5 13:25 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
2005-04-30 Saturday 02:15+ 06:45 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
11:45+ 12:15 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by radio.
23:54+ wake
2005-05-01 Sunday 07:30 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
11:15+ 11:40 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
18:45+ 19:20 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
22:15+ wake
2005-05-02 Monday 02:10 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
12:00+ 12:50 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
01:00+ wake
2005-05-03 Tuesday 06:25 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woke naturally.
2005-05-09 Monday 13:10+ 13:45 $[(s/3600)%60]:$[(s/60)%60+100] wake Woken by alarm.